USS Horizon     NCC 1000-B

(A Science Fiction Club)



(Program as of: 6-30-2012) 


All Horizon non-annual award requests may be submitted by any member.  The CO or designee will make the final decision.  Please include any documentation to aid in that decision with your request.  Do not wait on leadership to make them.  You may nominate yourself.




These awards are chosen at the pleasure of the Captain assisted by a vote of the membership each year.  The awards are given for work above and beyond normal expectations in the category given.  If by Chapter vote, each ballot will contain the choice and the reason for the vote being cast which will enable the CO to finalize the choices.  The year runs January to December.  (Get your choices to the C.O. by the January meeting.)


Officer of the Year    [GOLD]

For the officer/Staff NCO that most exceeds the normal expectations and accomplishments for their position.  Also for the one that most gives of themselves to the chapter.


Distinguished Service    [DARK GREY]

 Second place award in the vote for officer of the year.


Member of the Year    [Name on a plaque] [RED]

 This award is for the most outstanding member for the year.  This is not for departmental work but for work that most improves the overall chapter.


Departmental Achievement Awards    [SILVER]

For the departmental member that most exemplifies the needs of that department.  The person being awarded should be noteworthy throughout the year in doing more than their fair share of the work for their department.  The departments are: Command, Sciences, Operations, Tactical, Flight Control, Medical, and Engineering.  It is not unusual for this award to not be given out for some departments.


Horizon Order Of  The Shining Star (HOOTS)   [BLACK + STAR]

For the person who has the most spirit for the Horizon over the past year. 


Erik Larson Writing Award    [Name on a plaque] [YELLOW]

For the member that most contributes to the Horizon’s written publications, beyond the requirements of their position.  (Department heads and above are expected to provide at least one item per publication ie:  Newsletter and Fanzine.) 





These awards are given as deemed fit by the Command Staff.  Any member can submit someone for these awards at any time.  Awarded as requested.


Vulcan Order of Clearer Thinking    [ORANGE]

Given for solving difficult problems for the ship, or for thinking through a difficult problem toward a solution, in the interests of the chapter.


DaVinci Order of Inventiveness    [PURPLE]

Given for creative and new ideas that enhance the chapter or the member’s enjoyment of their Trek experience.


Citation of Commendation    [DARK BLUE]

Awarded for worthy contributions to the ship beyond the call of normal for your assignment of duty, for a specific item.


Youth Citation    [WHITE]

Same as the Citation of Commendation except scaled for our youth that are not in a leadership position.  




These awards are updated annually (more often if needed).  These are awarded by the “Order of Award Colors.” 


Nebula Writing    [YELLOW with order of colors]

Awarded for written contributions beyond what is required.  (Department heads and above are expected to make one entry per publication.)  Examples are: major contribution or multiple regular contributions.


Recruiting    [RED with order of colors]

Award is given for signing up 5 persons to any of the International groups/clubs that we affiliate with.


Fleet Activity    [Dark BLUE with order of colors]

Award is given for representing the Horizon at a Fleet or Region function.


Chapter Service   [ORANGE with order of colors]

 Award is given for attendance at Horizon functions except meetings.


Meritorious Service    [Light BLUE with years of service]

 This is awarded for giving years of service to the Horizon as a member of one of the Internationals. 


Special Service     [Light BROWN with order of colors]

Awarded for Special Humanitarian, Earth Awareness or Community Service projects of a one time nature.  These awards are given for service considered of an extra special nature and of such importance by the chapter as to merit a special one time award.


Special Projects    [Dark BROWN with order of colors]

This is awarded for special ship’s projects of a one time nature, considered of great enough importance to the chapter to require a special one time award.  Each award will be individual in its markings.




These awards are continuously update but given out annually or more often as needed.


Humanitarian (Non-Ecology)   [DARK GREEN with order of colors for ID bar]    (Item or time donations) Code name in bottom of award.

 This award is given for donations of time and material to humanitarian needs.  [See below for more info about this award]



OCP (Yellow) 3 months or $500 

Chocolate (Brown) 3 months or 5 

Stamps (White) 3 months or 50 

Soup (Red) 3 months or 5 

Cash (Green) 3 months each or $50

Items (Black) each or $50 worth 

Hours (Blue) 500 mins 

Tops (Tan) 3 months or each 5

Labels (Lt Blue) 3 months or each 5 



Earth Awareness (Ecology)    [LITE GREEN with order of colors for ID bar]    (Item or time donation)

This award is given for ecological donations of time and material.  [See below for more info about this award]



Cans (Silver) 3 months or 50

Trash (White) 3 months or 50#

Hours (Blue) each 500 Mins

Number of Awards 


The number of awards is placed in the top of the award.


Award Ribbon size is 4/10” by 4/10”