USS Horizon     NCC 1000-B

(A Science Fiction Club)

Horizon Departmental Structure



Departments on the Horizon 

(Each department is listed here with their normal assignments.  Actual

assignments vary and the pages under a departments structure reflect

current configuration.)




Overall Administration

Financial Officer (account, records) 

News Releases

Fleet and Regional Liason

Chair Meetings 

Chapter Mailings

Chapter Overall Health




Departmental Coordinator (ensures work is done or arranges to get it done)

Newsletter Coordinator (ensures all of the required material gets to Ops)

Awards (ensures material is available for Fl Cntl)

Promotions (makes recommendations to CO)

Environmental Officer (Meeting Location)

Recruiting Officer (arrange recruiting opportunities)

In charge if Captain is not there





Starfleet Academy (academy contact) 

Ship’s Historian

Ship’s Photographer and Photo Librarian




Equipment Manager as needed

Technical and Schematics (contacts for chapter)

Video Librarian 

Star Trek Library 

Star Wars Library 

Humanitarian Programs

OCP (Overseas Coupon Program)  

Community Service 





Newsletter/ News Services

Handbooks (preparation and maintenance of)

Computer Services (build computer files for chapter as needed)

Personnel Files (as computer files)

Stampede (maintenance of program)





Membership Packets (Maintain an internet list of items of interest to prospective members)

Club Liason (search for and maintain contact with International clubs)

Awards (table at events and manufacture of chapter awards)

Uniforms (design and location for purchase)




Event Security


Earth Awareness Programs (maintenance of program)  -recycling  -service





First Aid Program and Blood Drives

Children’s Services (as needed)

Event Coordinator/ Civic Coordinator (ship’s calendar)