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Updated on 4 November 2017 

Maintained by Eddie Allen, see notes to contact him about the calendar.



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USS HORIZON Monthly Meetings are on the 4th Saturday of the month.











a.    All events are RSVP.

b.    RSVP’s (yes or no) are due three days prior to each event.  The best way to RSVP to event coordinator is: (a) text, (b) phone call, (c) email.

c.    No RSVP’s for an event, or low RSVP’s of less than three by five days prior may lead to event cancelation.  This is the coordinator’s decision.

d.    Occasionally, an event will be canceled or postponed due to low     RSVP’s.  If you did not RSVP (yes or no) this may occur without your being notified.

e.    Function space is often set up based on RSVP’s.  If you do not RSVP you may be asked to give up space to those that did so.




f.    Event coordinator is listed with the event along with contact information.

g.    If no event coordinator is listed or there is no contact information, then contact the CO or the XO.  They will share the information back and forth as needed.

•    CO: Eddie Allen 636“dash”448”dash”1440 or co “atmark” usshorizon “period” net

•    XO: Khane Williams 573”dash”642”dash”8033 or khane “atmark” sbcglobal “period”





h.    All event locations are checked for the following items.  Any additional needs are up to the members to research in advance.  If you wish a change in venue please ask for it at least three months in advance or as soon as calendar updates have been announced:

•    Any handicap access to the area of the event

•    Expected event necessities such as electricity  

•    Any gluten free choices as decided by the restaurant

i.    Cancelations for inclement weather are sent by text message and or email to those that have RSVP’d only.

j.    Many events in other calendars may not be open to all or may require an advance fee.  Please call for information.

k.    Movies are at Columbia Regal 12 or at Street of St Charles if in St Louis unless otherwise stated.  If it is not showing at these two theaters then the location will be stated.  

l.    Functions will be the first one starting after the stated time.  Please check local listings.  Movies on meeting date will be the first one after 4pm.

m.    Anyone may submit an item for this calendar.  We prefer to have the information three months in advance.  Please contact the calendar coordinator.


NOTES: MISSION = local / FLEET = Regional / International Function  

SERVICE = Charity/Community/Service/Ecology function